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Shell just called.

“Yes, hello?” she began. “I’m looking for Becca Kimbel?”

“– yes?”

“Is this she?”

“Yes, this is– she, speaking.”

“Good, good. This is Michelle Potter, from Ikea Woodbridge. I’m just calling to remind you that you have a delivery coming tonight. We’re bringing you an employee, is that correct?”

Oh my God. I can’t stop smiling. “I believe so– yes, that’s correct. I ordered one about a week ago, and I’ve made the room in my house for said delivery.”

“Excellent.” She’s smiling, too. I can hear it. “Well, we’ll need to have someone over the age of eighteen sign for her. Will that be a problem?”

“Absolutely not, I’ll be here when she arrives.”

“And she will come with instructions, as do all our Ikea products.”


“Great, great. Do you have any questions?”

“No, I’m just eager to have my employee arrive,” I answer, and then she and I are just laughing, and MICHELLE IS THE BEST, OMG. I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE THIS AWESOMENESS FOR AN ENTIRE WEEKEND. HER. ME. MILLIE; WHO IS BASICALLY BONUS MICHELLE IN BABY FORM. HERE. HANGING OUT, WALKING, EATING, SHOPPING, WEDDING-ING, CIRCUS-ING! I can’t wait. God, this was a long week, and I felt like this day would never come. And now it’s here. Finally.

Other things are happening but it can wait. Today I’m just happy to see my sister.