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Sweet like Cinnamon

It’s 11:22 and I just got in the door from hanging out with Laura, and I’m that fuzzy warm exhausted that usually comes from alcohol but came tonight from pure awesome friendship because OMG I LOVE LAURA. I love Laura. We went to this new Italian place nearby, and it had this great adult cocktail hour vibe, and we got dessert and drinks (Diet Pepsi and lemonade, nothing crazy) and just talked. And laughed. And gossiped. Happy, sad, serious, topical. Everything. All kinds of feelings and news. And then all the sudden, they were closing the place down around us and I realized we’d been there for THREE HOURS.

We kept the conversation going into the parking lot, the whole ride back in the dark, all the way into my driveway. Park in the driveway. Still talking. Jason is probably watching from the window, like, ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THIS but for real, if this had been an actual date, it would probably be the best of my life.

Laura treated me to dessert as a belated birthday gift, which was super nice and made it even more fun (as all free things are, heh), and my dad had taken us all out to this amazing Cajun place for dinner. And treated. I KNOW. THIS IS THE MOST SPOILING DAY EVER. And earlier, we spent the afternoon at Pullen Park, and Sharman bought us local ice cream pops. I spent the whole day eating and eating and eating, and it was all amazing food and company, and it cost me almost nothing.

I saw EVERYONE today. Sharman is here, saw tons of her. The kids, obviously, and Jason (“I just love him,” I gushed to Laura. “God, I LOVE him. I love seeing him in my doorway more every day. When he comes home– his crazy hair and beard. He just KILLS me. Do you ever just, like, see your husband’s face and you just can’t even take how– just, STUPIDLY CRAZY you are about him?”) (For the record, Chris, she said yes. Heh). Saw my sister for gym this morning (good run! totally cancelled out by meals!), and then this evening for dinner. Saw Millie. SQUEEZED HER CUTE LITTLE SELF. Saw my dad, looking totally grizzled biker slash sea captain.

(I just asked Jason something– “Is there another name for sea captain?”– and peeked over the computer monitors between us, waiting for an answer. He gave me the Trademark Jason Serious Gaze. “I don’t know,” he answered, and I shook my head, heart doing explosions: I AM GOING TO EAT YOU UP LATER, GAWD.)

So, yes. It was a great day. The GREATEST day, possibly. I’m trying to think of anything really funny that happened, because I felt like I spent most of it in the sunshine or laughing. The only thing I can remember is that I didn’t have earbuds for my phone earlier, for the gym– because Shell and I have been running to music– and Michelle said she could just run next door and buy some for me. Our gym borders a grocery store. “That’s super expensive!” I said.

Michelle said, “How much do you think ear buds cost?”

Um. “… Fifteen dollars?”

She gave me the Trademark Michelle Girl You a Fool Face. “BECCA. You can get earbuds for like THREE DOLLARS. They sell them next to the Chapstick in check out lanes.”

“Well, I don’t know,” I answer. “I haven’t bought earbuds in like five years.”

“They’re CHEAP,” she insists. “You can probably buy them at the 99 Cent Store. I know you know about the 99 Cent Store,” and then for some reason I said, “No, I only know about the 99 Problem Store,” and it was so stupid and random but I kept laughing and then mimicking putting items in my cart: “Foes that wanna make sure my casket’s closed…”

This is the kind of stuff that amuses me.

Okay, it’s insane late and I’m insane tired, so. Taking a ride on my dad’s motorcycle tomorrow, hopefully going to this fundraiser for a boy about Eli’s age who needs a bone marrow transplant. They’re doing an event at the local bowling alley. I like bowling AND helping sick kids, so this seems like a win-win.

Another gorgeous, full, happy day. Can’t wait.