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Wherever I’m With You

Spent today being incredibly domestic. Cleaned, laundered, groceried. Talked to Audrey for awhile on the phone, sharing stories and laughing. The kids got back from school, and we hung out together. Went through their old toys, trying to find ones to donate to charity. Played a board game. Cooked dinner together, just the three of us. Ate. Eli helped Addie with her homework, because they both insisted, and then Ads read us two of her literary masterpieces (WATCH OUT SOAP and I DO NOT LIKE FALLING).

I started writing a story of my own, but it’s not coming out right. The idea is there. An idea. I fleshed it out, hated the characters, went back. Rewrote. Made it worse.

Tucked kids in, and Jason and I caught up on last night’s “Survivor”. This is shaping up to be my favorite season. My top three right now are Penner, Denise, and Malcolm– Denise, though, I love her. Not only is she the best female they’ve ever had on this show (honest, loyal, clever, dominates the challenges), but I’ll go as far as to say she’s one of the best players they’ve ever had on this show, period.

“Modern Family” is next, and Jason does his incredible laugh at every Phil Dunphy antic. My husband has the best laugh in the world– I’ve mentioned this many times, and so far everyone has agreed with me. Heh. It’s just– delicious. I laid on his chest and stared up at him, his sparkling eyes, his cheeks, his nose, that beard, and I whispered, My favorite time of the day is when you guys come home to me.

He looked down at me, still smiling. Aw, buddy.

But it’s true. This house is so empty without them. I like my solitude and I’m a little worker bee, I have stuff to do, but the moment my door opens and their life floods back in, I’m– complete. You know? It’s the best.