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Nothing much happened today. It was one of those cold, overcast days with nada on the schedule and very little reason to get out of bed. So I didn’t, really. I laid there for the better part of the morning, warm and cozy, reading book after book under the covers. The family took turns hanging out with me: first Jason for an hour or two, then Addie, then Elias briefly, then Addie again. She is totally attached to her mom. It’s sweet. She has an endless assortment of saccharine pet names for me (sweetie pie, sugar heart, honey bunny), and, more than ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, wants to be doing what I’m doing.

I know people are all like dogs are a man’s best friend, but Addie is totally beating Lola. You know how many times Lola has gotten me a Diet Pepsi and brushed my hair? ZERO.

Ordered in for lunch and dinner, then went to the gym. Didn’t do the machines much, but got in three strong, fast miles on the treadmill. I will take it. Especially considering what a rough start I had: arrived an hour before closing, no machines available, had to hover around like a weirdo until one opened up, then there was GUM ON THE TREADMILL– for real? who is chewing gum and working out?– so my sneakers stick to the belt the entire first mile. I consider quitting, but can see through the window that it’s getting dark– so this treadmill is all I have. I just deal.

I know some people run outside after sundown, but not me. Never have, never will. I don’t care how safe this city is, I just don’t chance it. It’s one area where I’ve always been extremely jealous of men. Girls ALWAYS worry about ish happening to us, because statistically, it does. If I were a guy for a day, safety would be the first thing out the window. I would spend those 24 hours going to strange women’s houses and leaving my drinks unattended and running through wooded parks at night, all: NONE OF THIS WILL END BADLY!

Came home after gym, showered, more reading. I’m between a book that Courtney recommended (Tell the Wolves I’m Home) and the last season of ASW, which I opened today on a lark and then became engrossed in. I’m finishing it. If nothing else, just to know how it ends. Heh.

About to grab the husband for Sunday Night TV, which is ‘Dexter’ (this season sucks) and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ (this season is amazing). And. AND. If I have my nights right and God is smiling on me, ‘Sister Wives’ is premiering the new season. Which Jason will not watch, but I’ll save anyway to enjoy over folding laundry tomorrow. I don’t care how lame that sounds. It became my sacred little routine last year (Mondays with the polygamists!), and always makes me inanely happy.